environmental, testing
Environmental conditions:

The term 'Real-World Testing' implies a wide range of temperatures and levels of relative humidity, as well as conditions of heavy rain or snowfall.

Our test sites in different geographical environments allow us to perform testing under virtually any real-world conditions:


temperature, testing

With our domestic test locations we are able to cover a large range of temperatures, spanning from -20° Fahrenheit (-29° Celsius) up to 120° Fahrenheit (49° Celsius).

The chart to the left shows a full year of monthly average temperatures for each of our U.S. test locations.

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Relative Humidity:

Humidity, testing

We test vehicles under many different levels of relative humidity, ranging from 15% to 95%, as you can see on the chart to the right. The chart shows the average relative humidity for each month of the year, for each of our test locations.

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Precipitation & Snowfall:

Percipitation, testing

In addition to temperature and relative humidity, precipitation and snowfall is another important factor for real-world testing. It can reveal costly weaknesses while a vehicle is still in its prototype stages. The chart to the left provides an overview of the average rain and snowfall for each month of the year in our domestic test locations.

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