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Please see this open letter regarding MDE's recent merger with Kett Engineering.

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MDE International Inc. was awarded a Superior Performance award at the 2017 Toyota Indirect Supplier Annual Business Meeting in Covington, KY. MDE's General Manager Greg Eaton and Sales Manager Scott Koch accepted the award on June 15, 2017.

With more than 5,000 suppliers, Toyota handed out 26 awards; only 8 of the "Superior" designation.

MDE International received the award for accomplishments in Program Management, Safety, Customer Service, Quality, Continuous Improvement, and collaboration on the TNGA programs. The hard work and dedication of every member of the MDE team has made this award a reality. It signifies Toyota's trust and confidence in MDE.

"The award is not easy to come by and we all should be proud of our accomplishments." - Greg Eaton

MDE will continue to be dedicated to every program and customer, maintaining the highest safety standards, and building stronger relationships based on mutual trust and prosperity.

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MDE International, Inc. has launched UIS 5.0; the web-based version of our custom built software for the storage and retrieval of vehicle testing data. UIS 5.0 offers real time worldwide access to test information as it is gathered from the field at MDE's environmental test site locations. MDE employees and customers are able to take advantage of the many benefits of this new database including:

  • Worldwide 24 hour access to information entered from any location

  • Secure and encrypted access from any location where internet service & a web browser are available
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  • Detailed tracking logs for all activities performed by users
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  • Data backed up off site daily to ensure survivability
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  • Ability to allow access to anyone who needs it, such as customers, vendors, dealers, etc.
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  • Ability to set access limits which are different for each user
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  • Ability to set data entry limts according to customer requirements
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  • All data is quarantined and reviewed prior to customer viewing access
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This Web-based database is also available to customers not requiring testing services but who do have a need for a web-based data storage and retrieval system.